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The poetic and picturesque flavor on the tip of the tongue stems from the deep love for the earth.
1. We are willing to do more for this new season:
More time for cooking masters to handcraft the dishes.
More delicacies, fruits and vegetables varieties from all over the world.
More variable ways of presentation for the plate decoration and display.
Just to lead you through the winding path into the plant kingdom! 
For you to appreciate that the nature has great beauty beyond description of the words!
In order to pursue a more intense taste bud experience
And more appealing visual enjoyment
After thousands of trials and errors, our vegetarian recipe secret was finally revealed.
The unrestrained gastronomic cooking skills, unexpected food ingredients, targeted combination of Chinese and western style.
The cooking aesthetics as complementation of imagination with reality, love for food and beauty as part of the human nature. We have the taste for beauty. The food can be consumed, but the meaning of consumption is infinite.
Great truths are always simple. The simplistic cooking philosophy shows its true colors by going back to nature, and the best taste in life is simply the plain one.
Having the cooking ethics with clear conscience, the peaceful diet practice rejects the law of the jungle and supports coexistence of heaven and earth.
While the daily gourmet food cooking integrates the ancient and modern things, the East and the West, the peace table will become the prime bridge for cultural exchanges between the East and the West. 
Last, every dish must take into account the efficacy of traditional Chinese health food therapy, that is: eating to be healthy and beautiful, preserving the green mountains and waters, and having a harmonious homeland.

2、This time we would like to tell our story in these perspectives: 
More classic stories about literature, painting, poetry, philosophy, medicine and other aspects related to China's elegant lifestyle.
More cultural connotations and far-reaching values behind vegetarianism.
More appeals for the affectionate care for our mother earth.

Here we are, in the name of love, at the table of peace
Enjoy the aesthetic connotation in the food
Build a healthy body through the food
Keep the earth green by having good food.


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