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Party for less than 10

Taste of Beauty Taste of Beauty location of the restaurant is superior. Our restaurant has three Private Dining Room (PDR) and a banquet hall which allow us to provide a variety of customized  banquet and banquet services.

【Laobanzhang · Pu'er hall】  I hope the relationship between you and your best friend will be as mellow and mellow as Pu'er tea. The PDR contains a tea table and a round table for 8-10 friends and relatives to get together for a good time.

【Dahongpao room & Biluochun room】 there is a round table in the two PDR , each room can accommodate 8-10 people.

【 Banquet Hall 】 the whole space on the second floor is a banquet hall, which can accommodate 30 people at the same time. Provide banquets, celebrations, business banquets and other large-scale activities. Overlooking the noise of the world, enjoy the joy of the moment.


Wednesday 5:30 - 9 PM
Thursday 5:30 - 9 PM
Friday 5:30 - 9 PM
Saturday Noon -3 PM         5 - 9:00 PM
Sunday Noon -3 PM         5 - 9:00 PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed


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