• Land of Abundance
  • Land of Abundance

Land of Abundance

Tofu skin   Matsutake mushroom   Carrot   Lotus root   Glutinous rice   Xo soy sauce basil flavor
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Tofu skin   Matsutake mushroom   Carrot   Lotus root   Glutinous rice   Xo soy sauce basil flavor
Boat on the misty waters, red flower by the river like fire, and green spring river water is emerald blue, here you go the delicious and tasty dish. Wrap the greasy rice and crispy lotus roots with the golden bean curd, which is as thin as a cicada's wings, then add mushrooms and matsutake, which are finely broken into small pieces and layered upon each other. Let the boat afloat among the lakes and mountains, and you are invited to enjoy the elegant food culture of the Chinese people. This dish, Land of Abundance, in reflection of the scenery from the land of waters and rivers, like Venice, also showed how is the people in the south of the Yangtze River doing with their skillful hands and detailed thoughts. The craft of making glutinous riceroll with bean curd can only be successful with the gentle and delicate techniques and patience, which ensures that after deep frying, the ingredients are crispy, delicious and non sticky to the teeth. This also explains how Chinese people pursue their elegant food culture, through human dexterity, the ordinary ingredients can be restored to its original natural flavor of vegetable, and the new taste elevated.
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