• Monet’s Garden
  • Monet’s Garden

Monet’s Garden

Okra  Purple cauliflower  Brocolies  Rainbow carrot  Greek yogurt  Cucumber  Dill  Mint
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Okra  Purple cauliflower  Brocolies  Rainbow carrot  Greek yogurt  Cucumber  Dill  Mint
Monet attributed his success as a painter to the flowers. We must thank those flowers, fruits, branches and leaves, for making us gourmets. Monet's garden, one is at his house, one is on the canvas, and now, one on your plate. 
With his painting, Monet retained the light and shadow in the garden, temperature, wind and song. We also try to manipulate the vegetable’s color, shape and texture, to tell the tales of nature as " the great beauty of heaven and earth is astounding and speechless".
This dish "Monet’s Garden" is an impressionism work of art on the plate, which confounds reality with fantasy.
This time I would like youto observe those obscure vegetables carefully. There is an universe within. Thegranularity, texture and vein, the varied colors and different postures are perfect masterpiece of the creator. The beauty of life is so inspiring. Each of us is a masterpiece of natural creation and deserves to be cherished and blessed. I hope this dish can make you fall in love with the beauty of vegetarianfood. Let us live the life of poem and painting like Monet!

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