• Open-Minded Like a Valley
  • Open-Minded Like a Valley
  • Open-Minded Like a Valley
  • Open-Minded Like a Valley

Open-Minded Like a Valley

Eggplant   Cauliflower   Vegan miso   Fried rice   Radish   Shiitake mushroom
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Eggplant   Cauliflower   Vegan miso   Fried rice   Radish   Shiitake mushroom
Chinese people like to express their pursuit of noble sentiment by chanting things. We named this creative baked eggplant as "Open-Minded Like a Valley", which is to compare the strong absorption of eggplant like a sponge to an excellent personality: broad-minded, modest and eager to learn, yearning for knowledge and tolerant of different opinions. In terms of cooking techniques, for the Eggplant's continuous sauce absorption , we prepared a delicious, sweet, slightly spicy and delicious secret vegetarian miso barbecue sauce, coupled with homemade cauliflower mash, sprinkled Thai deep fried rice, and decorated with basil oil. The gradual change of layer and variable chewing taste is satisfying. It is precisely because of the open bearing and absorption of eggplant that makes it achieve such extraordinary success. This confirms the thought of Laozi, a famous Chinese philosopher - High virtue is like valley. With this dish of inspirational eggplant, I hope each of us are brilliant because of the books we have read and the open-minded spirits that we harbor.
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4.8 39 Reviews
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