• Three Pagodas and the Moon
  • Three Pagodas and the Moon

Three Pagodas and the Moon

Blaze mushroom   Beyond meat    Shiitake mushroom   Tom Yum Sauce
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Blaze mushroom   Beyond meat    Shiitake mushroom   Tom Yum Sauce
There are deep pools in the lake, the bright moon is reflected inthe depth of water, and when the stone pagoda are lit up with the candlelights on the days of full moon, eighteen moons are revealed. The beauty of artistic conception expressed by the fried dumplings on the creative plate setting is exactly what the most famous landscape in China, "Three Pagodas and the Moon", has described. It is unique in the sense that the natural scenery and humanistic feelings complement each other. The moon in the sky, the moons in the water, the moons in the pagodas, and the bright moon in people’s heart that they yearn for. This fully reflects the aesthetic expression of the unity of heaven and human, the concept of which is loved by the Chinese people. The West Lake connects poetry, painting and philosophy. And this dish with great humanistic elegance is also a creative fusion of new Asian flavor. Combining Southeast AsiaTom Yum soup with Chinese dumpling, the warm and strong flavored soup breaks the dull of the dumpling skin. The clear, sour and spicy broth makes the salty and stout dumplings morefresh and lively, which refreshens the taste in the mouth. Three pagodas reflecting the moon, heart to heart, may the bright moonlight in the sky illuminate the light of our human nature in pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty.
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