• Witty and Knowledgable
  • Witty and Knowledgable
  • Witty and Knowledgable
  • Witty and Knowledgable
  • Witty and Knowledgable
  • Witty and Knowledgable

Witty and Knowledgable

Soybean milk  Egg  Vermicelli  Black fungus   Green peas  Sweat chili sauce
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Soybean milk   Egg   Vermicelli   Black fungus   Green peas   Sweat chili sauce
This dish,”Witty and Knowledgable", is based on the divination in the Book of Changes, the greatest classic in China: The beginning of everything is difficult, nevertheless, for a man of noble character, he needs to prepare himself  and make things happen. The divination of the Book of Changes, is a prophetic message generated by the communication between the mind and the energy of heaven and earth. When you cut open this homemade tofu crepe, there are continuous black-and-white "divinatory symbols” within. Yin and Yang make up the Tao. This traces and lines tell you that "when encounteringdifficulties, you must have determination and courage to sort out the thoughts in mind, so as to make a groundbreaking situation." With a piece of tofu, we are to express our ambition in hearts. Now the climate crisis is affecting the sustainable development of mankind. All of us living in the global village are duty bound to take the responsibility of low-carbon and environmental protection. We believe that if you choose to come to eat vegetarian food at our Taste Of Beauty, you must be full of knowledge and wisdom. You can use your wisdom and talent o influence more people to choose a vegetarian diet, and protect the earth.

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4.8 38 Reviews
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