• Worry- Free Soup
  • Worry- Free Soup
  • Worry- Free Soup
  • Worry- Free Soup

Worry- Free Soup

Oat milk   Chest nut   Black garlic   Shiitake mushroom   Black fungus   Carrot   Celery
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Oat milk   Chest nut   Black garlic   Shiitake mushroom   Black fungus   Carrot   Celery
What’s on the plate can relieve us from the worries, what’s in the heart as lofty aspirations will set us free from the little world. Bai Juyi, a famous Chinese poet, once said that “The spirit Dukang can save us from boredom and  the day lily can relieve us from worries". It is also recorded in Chinese ancient books that the day lily can make people feel happy and forget about their worries. Therefore, we specially chose the day lily flower to make this “Worry-Free Soup”, matched with the traditional Chinese medicine diet formula to nourish the kidney, and cooked in the style of bisque, to preserve the health in a delicious way. Black ingredients within are: black garlic, chestnut, black fungus, mushroom, etc. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, these ingredients all have a very significant role in strengthening the kidney health, so people are firm in mind and aim at big goals. People said “For those who have long-term concerns won’t have worries in near future". Enjoy the worry-free soup from Taste Of Beauty, and we wish you peace and happiness forever.

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4.8 38 Reviews
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