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Taste of beauty is a plant-based fine dining restaurant. We are committed to providing a delicious taste and visual beauty to enjoy plant-based cuisine. Not only will this lead to a more balanced and moderate diet, but it will also allow our bodies to adjust through vegetarian diets for a better life.

Taste of Beauty restaurant is owned and managed by a team with Chinese genetics and western educational background. We are humble, open, and proud.
As vegetarians from China, we feel very grateful and impressed in the United States since we met a large group of vegetarian brothers from all over the world here. We know each other as friends and support each other as if we are shouldering a shared mission.
Same as us, they are embraceing from a healthier body and peaceful hearts and spirituals that vegetarianism brings. Most importantly, we all commit that a vegetarian lifestyle should not be passive and restrained on a diet to protect animals and the environment but rather be more proactive in turning desire into a source of inspiration for creating a better new world. Every nature gifts from fields, woods, lakes, grasslands, and oceans, as the roots, flowers, and fruits are our creations' materials.
We want to encourage vegetarians to invite their friends, vegetarians or meat lovers, to our peace table to physically experience the rich taste of food that nature brings and the super-free associations' mood. At the same time, enjoy the warmth that communication brings and get along harmoniously with the world.
As "Eaters from China," we are ardently hoping to take advantage of the profound Chinese food culture to embrace American vegetarians while also changing some of the prejudices about Chinese food. And bring meet lovers a mind-blowing experience and a new choice of food.
We present fashion, health, and gentle postures to the world through this restaurant by integrating China's and western's diverse ingredients, cooking skills, and histories. We will make every generation feel proud when they remind us, remind Chinese vegetarian food. And also be willing to join hands with everyone to shape a peaceful and wonderful world.