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With the rising of people's health consciousness, more and more people advocate vegetarianism. Some people are vegetarians to keep up with the fashion, while others are for health The  of vegetarianism have increased the market demand for vegetarianism, and vegetarian restaurants have also ushered in the peak of development, especially in recent years, with the formation of franchise chain of vegetarian restaurants, most of them can see well-known vegetarian restaurants.

Vegetarian restaurant is a kind of catering facilities or public dining room which provides vegetarian products and drinks to the general public in a certain place. With the continuous improvement of people's material living standards, satiety and good eating can no longer meet the requirements of modern people's eating. How to eat healthily has attracted people's attention, and vegetarian restaurants have emerged as the times require.



Vegetarians have sprung up all over the world. Universities in advanced countries in Europe and the United States have begun to sell vegetarian lunches. More and more scientists, nutritionists and even hospitals have gradually joined the ranks of vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism restaurant in the decoration to be insipid, simple for the best to give guests a "refined" feeling. The decoration of the social vegetarian restaurant should avoid religious color, and the color should be elegant and fresh. In addition to the decoration of the storefront, the vegetarian restaurant can also attract customers by adding some additional value, such as preparing some magazines advocating green and healthy diet, small Tibetan handicrafts, etc.