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Happy Excursion

Artichoke flower  Asparagus  Sweet chili  Balsamic vinegar
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Artichoke flower    Asparagus     Sweet chili     Balsamic vinegar
This dish "Happy Excursion", derived from the thoughts of the Zhuangzi, a famous ancient Chinese philosopher. As the saying goes, "C
harioted upon the eternal fitness of Heaven and Earth, driving before him the changing elements as his team to roam through the realms of the Infinite ". What’s conveyed is a free and easy state of mind. It is the spiritual freedom that we contemporary urbanite yearn for. Eating artichokes, known as the king of Mediterranean vegetables, can help us relieve our inner depression and bigotry, and elevate our physical and mental height. Whether from the perspective of color psychology or ancient Chinese medicine theory, green represents the balance and coordination, natural and vigorous vital spirit mechanism. Green artichokes and asparagus can function in the liver and gallbladder meridians, and help to relieve depression and detoxification, soothe the liver, and regulate spirit, so as to achieve a cheerful mood. Artichoke's excellent conditioning effect on the liver has also been authenticated by the school of Western medicine nutrition. As the saying goes, the greatest truth is the simplest, hence the better the ingredients, the less artificial cooking. Carefully detach the shells of artichoke and extract the essence from it by just boiling and stir frying. Its sweet and refreshing taste like spring water has already infiltrated the taste buds, coupled with Italian black vinegar, it tames and conserves the Qi of liver. One mouthful of "Happy Excursion", the sorrow dissipates among heaven and earth.

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