• Spring flowers and Autumn Moon  (V)
  • Spring flowers and Autumn Moon  (V)
  • Spring flowers and Autumn Moon  (V)
  • Spring flowers and Autumn Moon  (V)

Spring flowers and Autumn Moon (V)

Coconut milk   Oat milk   YakuLt   Cherry   Raspberry   Pistachio   Black sesame
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Coconut milk   Oat milk   YakuLt   Cherry   Raspberry   Pistachio   Black sesame
This dessert, called "Spring flowers and Autumn Moon", looks brilliant and beautiful, and tastes delicious. Sweet happiness arises spontaneously. The most appropriate word to describe the feeling of "beautiful" is "spring flowers and Autumn moon", which is derived from the poem "Beauty Yu" by the famous Chinese literati Emperor Li Yu. "How fast do the spring flowers wither and autumn moon fade away!How much do you know about the past story?" The flowers are blooming in spring and the moon is bright in autumn. This is a symbol of the taste and elegance of a better life. Nevertheless the natural beauty remains the same every year, the world is changing day by day. We also hope that through this poem, we can bring you insight and philosophy of life. In life nothing may endure but mutability. Be it the happiness of accompanying a fabulous woman, in the wonderful scenery on a beautiful day, or the sorrow of not getting what you want, or separation with the loved one, all are "like a dream and bubble, like dew and the lightening". Let us always be satisfied with where we are and keep a calm state of mind, as well as a high and detached awareness of life. More importantly is to have firm faith in the "Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon".
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4.8 39 Reviews
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